Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nairn Bathing Water - EU Directive Water Quality classifications changes impact - Statement from Michael Green

The Gurn obtained a comment from Michael Green this morning on the ongoing situation concerning the possible impact of the EU Directive change in Water Quality Classifications that came into full effect this year and will mean warning signs for bathers according to press reports. He told the Gurn:

"This is critical for a town like Nairn, this could have devastating repercussions. The change in the EU Directive Classifications was not flagged up internally within Highland Council. Nothing has changed with the test results over the last four years but everything has changed in the way the EU Directive now interprets them. 

We as local councillors need to work with our officials, SEPA, MSPs and others involved to mitigate the effects in the short term and to find a solution in the long term. 

I have arranged a meeting for Nairn's Councillors with Fergus Ewing before his normal surgery on Friday."