Thursday, May 19, 2016

Councillor believes gas works on High Street caused local recession

Michael Green told the Gurn this week that he thought that the work on the High Street to replace the gas main took so long and created so much disruption that he believes it caused a local recession in the town's shopping area. 

Michael went on to say that it is the six months after a recession that are the most difficult and High Street businesses need help. He said that the Scottish Gas compensation scheme was unbelievably user unfriendly, complicated and onerous for traders. He said: "businesses have struggled and will continue to struggle and we need to step up and help."

Michael wants any business that suffered due to the works to contact him or Michael Boylan of the Nairn Business Association. 

Did work on the High Street gas main cause a recession for town centre businesses?


Anonymous said...

So it's not Sainsburys that has caused a recession in the town shopping area!

Anonymous said...

if it wasn't for sainsburys,we wouldn't have all the bloody traffic lights

Anonymous said...

As a business currently on Nairn high street I can honestly say that the closure of the street had a huge I impact and is still is affecting business. As the road was closed for so long people changed their shopping habits and went elsewhere as it was easier and quicker. A large proportion of these people have continued with their new shopping habits and have not returned. I hear the same from other business owners on the street.