Thursday, May 19, 2016

Murd puddle joy as Liz fixes Firhall Bridge path pond


puddle duck said...

After reading the headline, I was expecting to see a picture of Liz with a shovel.... "doing a Sheena Baker".

Now where did I put that list and map of all the other potholes? Wonder if I should send that to Councillor Liz. Or perhaps get Murd to make the requests?

Graisg said...

@ Duck Councillor Murd Dunbar is obviously the go to character who will spur your public representatives into appropriate action. Yes Cllr Murd - the best member Nairn River CC never had :-)

Murd Dunbar said...

Free to speak for ALL

Being A free lance I dont have to toe A party line!. I just try to get things done for the good of every one.Here I do not please every one when I state my case but my object is to get things done that will benifit the majority not to make friends and make no apologies if some get upset. So lets get the danger on the Station Brae sorted.
Nairn needs houses get them built.

{P.S Puddle why dont you do it your self costs nothing}