Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday Miscellany

A week with a few sunsets and a lot of pictures on social media such as in this tweet here. The black and white stuff returned to the Rosebank zebra crossing. The election is over but here and there an odd political poster lingers – will we soon see a spate of Leave and Remain posters or is everyone already scunnered with the goings on from both sides?

The swans have had a new brood, six cygnets this year with eight eggs laid but only the half dozen hatching. Picture from Joe Telfer and more swan info here.

On Wednesday there was a short service held at Nairn Cemetery to celebrate the lives of Hamish Dunbar and his wife Joyce. Regular readers will remember some of Hamish's contributions. In February we posted this article when we sadly heard of his death. 

This observer was delighted to meet Hamish’s son Keith, he gave a remarkably moving account of his parents lives. Visions emerged of a young Hamish making his way to school with a devoted dog called Help who would make his own way home once his charge had been delivered. Memories of the hard times of Nairn during the Great Depression that he had been told about by his father. And who could fail to be moved to hear of the chance encounter between the young sailor Hamish on his way to a ship and a young woman called Joyce who worked at the now famous Bletchley Park installation: they spoke to each other on Waterloo Station one day in 1943 and went to a cafe for a blether. They remained in contact during the conflict and married after the war. Remarkable people and remarkable lives. 

Keith has given me some more information about his parents and we’ll do something with that in another post when time permits, more about  Hamish and Joyce to follow. 

Hamish's brother Murd told the Gurn: 

"A Nairn lad and his wife have returned. Hamish was born in Nairn went off to war after after the war he married and settled in Surrey and was in the Fire Brigade until he retired. Although 93 he had a fanastic memory and often corresponded with the Gurn to pass on things about Nairn before the war and would correct some of the statements made about the town.

And a few dates for you:

Sunday 12th June in Viewfield the Patron’s Lunch picnic

Nairn 10 mile and Fun Runs Sunday 5th June in aid of Glasgow Children's Hospital,Charity and Calum's Cabin supporting sick children from all over Scotland

Nairn Rocks Fun Day Saturday 9th July 10.00-16.00

We’ll have posters for all three events over in the sidebar on the left as soon as time permits

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