Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Nairn County Fans meeting called for Weds 1st of June in the Legion at 7 p.m.

Ian Finlayson stated on the fans "County til I die" fundraising page this evening:

"As promised Im calling a Fans meeting to be held in the British Legion a week tonight, Wednesday 1st June, at 7pm. Myself and Donald Matheson will be there to bring you all up to date on the current situation, answer as many questions as we can and help assist with any fundraising ideas. I can't emphasise enough that everyone is welcome. "

It's the big one folks, get yourself along to this very important meeting if you can. More on the County fans fundraising page here. 

Don't forget on the Tuesday night 31st May there is a shareholders meeting to be held in the Newton Hotel also at 7 pm. More details here on the Nairn County Facebook page. 


Anonymous said...

Welcome news, but just a thought - is it possible for the actual financial situation the club finds itself in to be made public prior to this meeting to allow people to digest it before they attend. Getting a load of information coming at you verbally at a meeting is not the most efficient way of disseminating facts and figures and often leads to confusion and misinterpretation. Time appears to be of the essence here and if folks have the info up front they can maybe go along prepared with considered queries/questions/proposals/whatever.

I'm thinking things such as general figures of what it costs annually to run the club, how much is the shortfall without Narden's contribution, what are the players contractual situation, what is the status of the social club/Playhouse (I was of the understanding it had been sold, but from the ex-chairman's statement I'm now not so clear) etc

Anyway, well done to the committee for organising this and here's hoping the outcome is positive.

Graisg said...

Think there is a yearly rent coming in from the Playhouse building anon. Can ask soon anyway.

Anonymous said...

With the best will in the world there is still a formal process to go through with the Extaordinary General meeting on the 31st May with NCFC Board of Directors and shareholders. I'm sure the remaining Director's are working hard to get to grips with the current situation and will make full and frank reports on the 31st which will then be reported to the remaining fans who are not shareholders the next night.

mr chigley said...

I think far to much emphasise is being put on the financial side of matters, as you can always get youth players to step up, who would play for nothing!
What you are not thinking about is the amount of work the mackintosh's did up at the park, maintaining the wonderful playing surface pitch repairs etc, who is going to be responsible for this on a day to day basis!!

Anonymous said...

just close the doors,shut the club,and sell the ground,plenty houses can be built on the station park ground and the farmers showfield and at sandown,then,,no need for the homes to be built at s/w.
(nae kikky ba)

beancounter said...

Is a new share issue an option to raise capital for the club?
People might feel they are getting a stake in the club for their money rather than just making a donation.
A list of current shareholders is here, although I'm not sure about it's accuracy....

questions questions said...

Is there a forum (e.g here) where people who are unable to make the meeting can lodge questions/suggestions to be raised by proxy during the meeting?

D.Ross said...

As it is a Ltd. company the lodged financials are easy to find on the web:-

For year ending 2015
Cash; £150
Net Worth; £34,203
Total Current Assets; £5,411
Total Current Liabilities; £43,707

Tangible Assets; £184,939
Trade Debtors; £5,261
Bank loans/Overdrafts/other long term finance; £112,440

Called up share capital; £43,140
Profit & loss account reserve; -£8,937
Shareholder funds; £34,203

Working Capital; -£38,296
Total Assets; £190,350
Total liabilities; £156,147

Graisg said...

@ questions, questions, you could try leaving a comment on the County Facebook page anon.