Monday, May 30, 2016

Cawdor Community Centre almost a victim of its own success?

Last Monday night saw the AGM of the Cawdor Community Association who run the Community Centre building. The association is made up of the user groups that use the centre and there was quite a good turnout. 

The committee is desperately seeking more volunteer help however, as the tasks involved in running the centre are taking up more and more time for the office bearers.The committee will review the situation in six months, and the options if no more volunteers can be found  could eventually include handing the building back to Highland Council or employing someone to take on some of the work. Handing the building back to Highland Council would most likely result in much higher charges being implemented but it had to be an option given the lack of volunteers coming forward.

The meeting heard how the centre had had a very healthy year and there had been something on in the building almost every night of the week. The charges for the use of the building were very competitive and it was felt that it was time to raise the charges (this would be the first rise for 3 years) and even with the new rates the Centre would still be very competitive and some cash would be available if the committee decided to go down the employment route. 

Chair Jenifer Walker told the Gurn: "The community centre in Cawdor is unique in that any monies raised through rentals is retained by the volunteer committee to reinvest in the centre, local school and community.

We have a very enthusiastic committee made up of locals who manage the bookings, accounts, and arrange local events such a the highly successful “ Cawdor does Christmas”.

"We would welcome any offer of help, please feel free to meet us for a chat with absolutely no obligation. For further information please contact 01667 404702."

Readers can see a copy of the very competitive charges for use of the Cawdor Community Centre here. 

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