Thursday, April 07, 2016

"Superfast" broadband Cabinet 13 still unlucky for some in the east end of Nairn up at Lochloy

One of our regular readers wrote to us today:

"I've been fighting for 'superfast' up Lochloy road and Kingsteps, even writing to local MP for over 2 years now! However, the infamous cabinet 13 is yet to serve these areas, despite the building of over 300 new houses at Meadow Leas".

As a new resident of Lochloy who works at home I was concerned that we might be stuck on ADSL so I wrote to HIE and got this reply today which I thought you might want to pass on as it sounds like a lot of people are affected by the roll out to cabinet 13."

Our correspondent shares with us the response he got from HIE today:

"Thank you for your email and interest in the Next Generation Broadband 

I am happy to confirm that Cabinet 13 in Nairn is currently in build  and, all going well, should be ready in the next 3-4 months. This  cabinet has been a long standing 'problem' cabinet for us, but the  issues are now resolved and it is in build.

Fibre has been rolled out in Nairn over the last few years but because  the service is reliant on fibre cabling going out to a new cabinet  rather than the exchange it means that places the size of Nairn can't  all 'go live' at the same time. There are now around 15 fibre cabinets,  in Nairn the last of which are going live just now. To further confuse  matters the earlier cabinets were built through BT's own commercial  programme, that is BT have paid for them with their own private funding.  The later cabinets have been built through our government funded 
programme as they weren't commercially viable for BT to build  themselves. Our website only shows cabinets that are in our programme so  most of the other ones (1 to 8 etc) were in the commercial programme.

Keep an eye on the checkers so that when the cabinet goes live you will  be able to order the service from your preferred internet service provider.

I hope that is of some help."

We're still not there yet for the whole of the town then folks. Regular readers might recall this article in July of 2012 in which we revealed that only about 90% of the town was covered then. Also an article of October  last year. Hope anybody still without doesn't have to wait too long. 

Note, many of our readers will know that Gurn HQ is in the town centre area, Mrs Gurnmeister has just been on line to check once again and we are told:

 " Your cabinet is enabled for Superfast fibre however you're not able to order fibre just yet. This might be because the length of the line is too long to get Superfast speeds. We're actively looking at other options. If you'd like us to let you know if fibre becomes available, register your details."

We are on cabinet 15. It's not over yet fellow citizens, despite the announcements in recent years Nairn is not all kitted out with superfast yet. 


Anonymous said...

That Lochloy lot will be wanting drains up there next and their grass cut as well

Anonymous said...

And probably their own council as well