Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Scottish Labour’s Inverness and Nairn Candidate, welcomes progress being made in addressing the issue of ‘boy racers’ speeding around Nairn Harbour

We said yesterday that we are always happy to publish material from politicians relating to Nairnshire affairs. So for a second time in as many days we present a press release from the Scottish Labour Party candidate in this year's Holyrood elections. 

"Scottish Labour’s Inverness and Nairn Candidate, David Stewart, has welcomed progress being made in addressing the issue of ‘boy racers’ speeding around Nairn Harbour.

The issue was raised with Mr Stewart while he was visiting Nairn earlier this year in his role as MSP for the Highlands and Islands. Mr Stewart was advised of concerns which have been ongoing sporadically for several years.

David Stewart, said “This is an issue that has been raised with me on several occasions over the years and it appears to have resurfaced again in recent months. After these latest concerns were raised with me, I wrote to Police Scotland and to the Highland Council to see what steps are being taken to curtail the problem. 

Mr Stewart continued “I am pleased to be advised that a meeting took place with the complainants where potential solutions were discussed and the Council is working up a cost for a traffic calming solution. I would like to see this problem resolved permanently and I will be keeping a very close eye on this to see what develops.”


Sceptical said...

Oooh, there must be an election coming up? That's the only time we seem to hear from these gadgies. Pop their heads above the parapet or write a few long winded, rambling, unintelligible letters to the Nairnshire, then disappear for another couple of years until the council elections.

Anonymous said...

Headline 'Dave writes another letter'

You have to admire his spending on stamps