Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Nairn South saga continues – controversial issue to return to Nairnshire Committee in September

Not a spare seat on the public benches in the Courthouse today as Nairn South was again discussed. The transport appraisal produced by the planning Department's consultants will be made available for public comment and consultation but following that there will be a significant change in procedure which chimes with the ascendancy and growing power of the area committees at Highland Council

Michael Green, the Chair of the Nairnshire Committee, proposed the following Motion:

“Following public consultation the transport appraisal will return to the Nairnshire Committee on the 21st of September 2016 for consideration and recommendation as to whether or not to progress with the preparation of a new Nairn South master plan. In the intervening period all work on the new draft Nairn South master plan will be deferred.”

The motion was supported by Cllr Stephen Fuller and would have been opposed by Laurie Fraser but he had no seconder.

Cllr Liz MacDonald could not vote, she had left the room at the start of the debate on Nairn South; she had said at the beginning of the meeting at the point of the declarations of interest that she would do so because she had “land allocated for housing within the Inner Moray Firth Development plan.” This situation has prevented Liz debating Nairn South matters for some time now.

Some interesting comment by members of the committee today. More later if time permits. 


Anonymous said...

Planning is surely the hottest of topics when it comes to the community needing support from our councillors, why is Liz still in post if she can't do her job properly?

Anonymous said...

So we have a councillor that cannot represent us on major planning issues. Wonderful isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I fear the only way that Liz might stand down from her post is if people don't vote for her at the next election

the heretic said...

Well...... there are quite a lot of people in Nairn who think Liz MacDonald's absence from Council meetings actually improves the quality of discussion and decision-making.

fg said...

get rid of the dead wood

Anonymous said...

Years ago Liz rightly commanded a lot of respect and support in Nairn and often appeared in the Nairnshire as she involved herself in the community.

It seems she is now in an impossible position due to self interest that prevents her from carrying out her role as she should.

Stepping out of meetings that involve planning means that she is unable to do her job and should resign

Anonymous said...

Perhaps people above will start a Nairn NIMBY party?

D.Ross said...

At least she stated her interest & left. All councillors have their "interests" declared on the H.C. web site.

Cllr Green is listed as a co-owner of land up at Balmnakeith Business Park, so I presume any talks to do with business land development & he would also state his interest & leave.