Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Nairn youngsters clean up graffiti with "dreams, aspiration and achievement"

Many Gurnites will know the path/cycletrack between the end of Lodghill road up to Cranloch very well and also the badly graffited wall that backs onto a section of garden. That wall is getting a makeover from a community-minded group of youngsters who are in the process of creating a mural that will cover the unsightly mess that is there now.

Clair Nicols of the Youth Highland Group told the Gurn:

"The mural is being painted by young people from the Nairn Youth Forum. The young people have been responsible for coming up with design ideas and organising the project.

The group applied for funding for the project from the Highland Youth Arts HUB. The project is supported by local Youth Development Officer Shona McDonald and Youth Highland.

The design will incorporate words and images around the themes of ‘local landscape’ ‘dreams’ and ‘aspiration and achievement’.

Yesterday young people began to put down an undercoat of coloured masonry paint. As soon as the weather allows this will be covered with detail in spray paints. None of the young people have used spray paints before and everyone is very excited to make a colourful and positive creative contribution to the community.

It is important that young people can be encouraged to be positive contributors to their communities and this project seeks to enable the young people to be seen as creative and vibrant active members of the community."

Nairn Youth Forum cleaning up Graffiti black-spot
The work was still ongoing at around 15.30 and there should be more for passers-by and those coming home on the trains tonight to see. Clair tells the Gurn they are always looking for more sites for murals and funding help so if you want to help the youngsters brighten up more of Nairn contact Clair at YouthHighland.org.uk.   More pictures here. 

And the finished mural tonight:


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Anonymous said...

It's a shame that spray paints were chosen. Not only harmful for the students despite their paper masks but also the environment

Anonymous said...

Why do people always have to find negative things to say. Nairn never changes because people like you are unwilling to accept it when someone actually tries to make a change.

Doh! said...

"Why do people always have to find negative things to say"

Coz it's The Gurn

Anonymous said...

Hey, But it does discourage, disappoint, disillusion and disincline all those who try hard to do things for the good of the town. Nairn Rocks!!

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