Sunday, April 17, 2016

The future with traffic lights on Station Brae and 320 houses at South Nairn?

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Information going before the Nairnshire Committee on Weds April 20th in the Courthouse includes the following suggestion for Station Brae:

"1.1.4 Cawdor Road/Balblair Road junction and Nairn Station Railway Bridge Traffic signal control of the junction provides traffic management over this section of Cawdor Road - and is required from the outset. This includes advanced stop lines for cyclists on all three approaches. Footway width provisionshall be 2.0m below the arch bridge widening to 2.3m either side. A pedestrian phase is required within the traffic signal sequencing. Pedestrian storage provision adjacent to the rail station steps is also required as indicated in Drawing 60446943-SKE-C-102 in Appendix A. This also allows for a right turning refuse vehicle from Balblair Road to Cawdor Road south."

UPDATE: one of our readers points out that the actual situation will be much worse than this, at the point where the Range Rover is parked the road will be reduced to 3.83m so a good part of the road on the brae will effectively be single track. 


murd said...

MURD my thoughts

Altho I do not think traffic lights are the best suggestion.

But any thing that would make it safer for the people coming down from the shanghi direction has to be a good thing something that has been talked about and nothing gets done.
The hazarded on the brae is there now and no houses built on Nairn South
In another blog A woman has said her child was hit by a car on the brae.
Why not campaign to have have that danger removed.

Anonymous said...

Already like that most days, even without the traffic lights.

Anonymous said...

traffic lights will just make George st/mill road/church st. a rat run.
we don't need any more bloody lights