Friday, April 15, 2016

Meanwhile in the Sahara desert today Chris MacKinnon keeps on running

After the rigours of Stage 4 it's on to Stage 5, a leisurely 42.2 km, in 50 degree temperatures - definitely not Nairn beach!

For the MARATHON DES SABLES competitors have to be food self-sufficient over a distance of about 250 Km and each participant must carry their own backpack containing food, sleeping gear and any other material they need. The good thing is that he will now be carrying less weight having consumed most of his food by now! Before he left Chris said "'In calories we trust' - here sits 22,000 kcals & the actual 7 days food that will fuel me from the start line to the finish of 250kms running in the Sahara desert......this is all I will have, I can't buy any more as there are no shops, if I have not got enough I will starve (Well ok, i'll be bloody hungry), if I have too much I will use more energy carrying it.....current bag weight - 6.5kg including bag (still to pack the survival kit)" Below is his pack.

Check out video's of the 2016 race here. More details about the MARATHON DES SABLES here. Keep going loon your almost there.

Chris’s chosen charity is the Highland Hospice and he is aiming to raise at least £5000, to make a donation just go to his fundraising page at

To track his progress check here.

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