Saturday, April 23, 2016


A bit of activity in Nairn today....Leopold/High Street Corner is obviously the best pitch.
Here's the SNP stall
In the afternoon some Scottish Labour activity too but not in the High Street
John Finnie was also in town today


Unknown said...

I see the usual Scottish clamour at the "Tory tent".

Anonymous said...

another moocher looking for money,and don't believe anything politicions say,,they promise you everything,and once elected,fill their own pockets first,then deliver nothing,,its a case of,,i,m alright jack,,stuff you,

Graisg said...

OK Anon, funny point but I don't think they were all members of Ed's family.

Eat my Panama hat said...

I'm sure one day everyone will be privy to offshore funds such as those Dave enjoyed albeit 2nd hand from his dad.

'We're all in it together', aye but some start life with a very large wad in their respective banks and are determined to make as much money as possible

Seems to me the only difference between various Tories is how selfish they can be, the party for the few

Prescriptions said...

The Tories should have stood outside Boots to tell everyone about the £8 prescriptions that Ruth wants us to pay.

"And she explained her party's plans to bring back prescription charges in Scotland, which she said had cost £60m to the NHS in Scotland.
She said there would be a charge of £8.40 for prescriptions, although people on low incomes, students, pensioners, patients with long-term conditions and pregnant women would not have to pay.
Ms Davidson said it was not fair that people earning "good salaries" should cost the NHS money by getting their prescriptions for free.
She added: "I am prepared to pay a contribution if that means someone else doesn't have to wait an hour for a bedpan in a hospital ward or can get a cancer drug that is otherwise being denied them."
The SNP government scrapped prescription charges in Scotland five years ago - leaving England as the only part of the UK to charge for them."

Anonymous said...

I would also pay for prescriptions if it meant people could then have the money for cancer drugs,that are meantime withheld due to cost.

Jock Tamson's bairns said...

@ Prescriptions

I thought it has long been known that the cost of administrating a tiered charge for prescriptions would outweigh the amount of money collected by charging people?

Another factor is that 'free' prescriptions encourage more people to take the medicine that their doctor prescribes (if they can't afford £8.40 x ?) that leads to a healthier population and hopefully less use of the NHS when/if untreated conditions become serious

All down to what kind of society we want, one that looks after everyone or the Tory vision of people paying for everything

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that the Tories would have anybody earning above the minimum wage paying for their prescriptions.
The nasty party. Just not quite as nasty as UKIP

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 8:31 AM

What drugs designed for cancer treatment are withheld in Scotland? I thought we now offered the same or better than rUK?

Anonymous said...

There are lost of very expensive drugs that are withheld in Scotland and in other parts of the UK. Some the same, some different.
In each country, experienced clinicians make the decisions on what should and shouldn't be made available.
If the Tories and the Tory supporters stopped evading and avoiding their taxes, then there might be more cash available for the NHS.

cash in hand said...

Not only the mega rich clever at avoiding paying tax

Anonymous said...

You are right. I've heard of folk in Tradespark who have squillions in Panama. Just don't tell the social ......
Given that we are "all in this together", it is about time that the megarich began to pay the same level of tax as the poor.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, is that old Ed Mountain aka the very shy and retiring Sir Edward Brian Stanford Mountain?

Graisg said...

Re "Ohhh" anon, I don't know perhaps you don't either? Where can such information be found?

D.Ross said...

To Graisg@6:38AM

The web is your helper:-

The professions & ages of "Ed Mountain" & his son in the newspaper article add up to match the info in the peerage page info, so you could surmise that it is the same "Sir".