Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Chris Mackinnon - latest update on his progress in the MARATHON DES SABLES 2016 race across the Sahara

Chris has completed the first 3 stages of the MARATHON DES SABLES, this means he has run 3 marathons in the last 3 days. He is currently tackling Stage 4 which consists of 84.3 kilometres (over 52 miles) and is actually a double marathon. 

Have a wee think about that, most of us can’t do 1 marathon never mind 2, in 1 and a bit days, after running 3 in 3 days, through the desert! There are some video's of the 2016 race here - have a look to get some idea of what this race entails, haven't managed to spot him yet, he's number 1049.

To find out more about the MARATHON DES SABLES and what Chris is undertaking have a look here, this is no picnic on Nairn beach. Keep going Chris, you've already made a fantastic achievement.

Chris’s chosen charity is the Highland Hospice and he is aiming to raise at least £5000, to make a donation just go to his fundraising page at


Anonymous said...

Well done. Pure dedication.

Veronica said...

This is an amazing endeavour from Chris, we are so proud of him. Reminds me of his BMX racing in his teenage years, he would just keep on going and never gave up.