Saturday, November 08, 2008

A96 not on ex-Bobby's beat?

A publicity leaflet for the SNP's Westminster parliamentry candidate came through the Gurnmesiter's letterbox recently. Extolling the electorate to put ex-policeman John Finnie 'on the Westminster beat'. Now regulars will know that the Gurnmeister is an SNP supporter and cannot seriously envisage voting for any other party in the future. However, John Finnie's leaflet has raised concerns with this supporter. Among the 'If elected John will..' commitments is something concerning the road networks in the area:
'Support the Scottish Government's commitment to dual the A9 and lobby to ensure funding for the Inverness Trunk Link Road.'
And the A96 please? I'm sure that John Finnie will support a Nairn by-pass, can't think why it didn't rate a mention on the leaflet though? The last thing we need is the SNP going Invercentric on us.
Ma bhrùthas sibh air an dealbh gheibh thu fear nas mhotha agus chì thu gu bheil Iain ag ionnsachadh Gàidhlig ge-tà, sin thu fhèin a bhalaich!


Anonymous said...

On the SNP web site
suggests that if we remove Trident we can afford to dual the A9 OR the A96.
Maybe Trident is being moved as I write and the roll of the SNP dice has favoured the A9?

Graisg said...

Or how about a TGV to Wick instead of Trident? Off the Ferry at Scrabster early in the morning and running the guantlet of the beggars outside the Gare du Nord 5 hours later.

Bill said...

Hi Graisg

I put the full leaflet on my blog on 22 October - link here:
(click on any image to see a larger version)

Of course I don't share your SNP-orientated views in any way, shape or form (lol), but I give equal publicity to almost every political leaflet that drops through my door (with one exception - the BNP, which I will not publish in any way or link to). As much as anything else it provides a permanent record of what [aspiring] politicians have said in the past, so they can if necessary be 'called' on it later if their story changes when what they said earlier becomes 'inconvenient' - this was of course particularly relevant with Labour and its 1997 'pledge card'. A propos of the SNP was the amusing back-pedalling being furiously spun by Alex Salmond in the wake of the Glenrothes setback during the Friday 'news cycle', a necessary dose of reality for the nationalists amongst us, I'm afraid ;) I think the SNP is a long way, thank goodness, from making a real breakthrough in parts of Scotland outside its traditional heartlands and its record as Scottish Executive since May 2007 is decidedly patchy, despite spin-meister Alex's attempts to convince scpetics like me otherwise and it doesn't help when one reads the loonie-tunes posting comments on the Scotsman message boards; sometimes a Party's most fanatical supporters are its worst advertisement, even if I recognise completely that no Party can be responsible for what all its supporters may get up to.

To end on a lighter note though, wouldn't it be great to have a TGV link? One can dream ...

Graisg said...

Morning Bill,
Talking of heartlands I've always thought Nairn was one for the SNP but of course the heavily populated Inverness area demands attention too.
I think the electorate is very volatile at the moment and events, events, seem to have a momentum of their own. Who knows what comes next?
Yes, the Scotsman comments seem to be riddled with freak show folk (of all political shades), it is a shame because it makes it harder to find the useful comment and debate. Maybe a newspaper's on-line success is judged in terms of responses regardless of their intelligence?

Graisg said...

that should say numbers of responses :-)
Too much 'industrial cider', as AyeRight calls it, last night!

Anonymous said...

No politician can deliver a Nairn by-pass for at least a generation. This man is just being honest by leaving it out of his wish-lsit!

Anonymous said...

"This man is just being honest by leaving it out of his wish-lsit!"

An honest politcian?! This would never catch on as a vote winner. You mean you could believe everything they said? Best spin of the year thus far