Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our very own film makers

AyeRight eyes the talent:

Google Earth is an ever growing product offering more and more features. Its not a new feature, but Google Earth allows you to show YouTube film uploads for any given area on the planet. If we look at Nairn in Google Earth we can see several YouTube films, the directors range from holiday makers to local loons. I wonder how long it will be before we can have a Nairn film festival showing locally made films?

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Bill said...

Very interesting graphical representation, although I've looked at most of them before by keying in 'Nairn' to the YouTube search box. my own videos don't show up, however, because none of them includes 'Nairn' in the tags, as I produced them mainly to include in my blog. I've used the 'Streetview' application for several different cities (for example, one of the views in Paris includes the apartment block where I lived when I was there), but the recent visit to Nairn doesn't seem to have been uploaded yet from what I can see.