Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shock for Jordon House residents

The Gurn has been forwarded a copy of a letter sent to residents of Jordon House. The Albyn Housing Society will not be renewing the lease they have on the building in February 2010 and this obviously has serious implications for the residents. Albyn cite, 'current commitments, financial restrictions and the current economic climate' as their reasons for taking this decision. Hopefully some means will be found to allow folk to continue to live there. In the current climate that sort of letter is the last thing you need to help you lead a stress-free life. Maybe the only proper type of affordable housing should be council housing, under the control of demcratically elected councillors? Click on the letter to enlarge to read the full text.


Anonymous said...

Underlines our need for proper public housing again (This time not sold off) and not just new token builds in order to gain planning permission.

Now is not the climate to do it in - although there are a lot of building companies and workers who I am sure would welcome the chance to build something!

We can only hope for the residents of Jordon House that the release of this document some two years ahead of their eviction is in some way political and that Albyn Housing are hoping that there will be a big enough stooshie for monies to be found for them to carry on with the lease.
I can't imagine there will many other interested parties in Jordan House?

dr-grigor said...

I agree that i think it will be very hard to find a new landlord for jordon house (i live there) the place has not really built up a good reputation over the years with no concern may i add from albyn themselves they seemed to have leased the place and then more or less abandoned it... but i do know that the council sub-let a couple of the flats here to fulfill there needs.(e.g. single parents) so obviously they have an interest in the place .it would make sense for the council to take over the lease since jordon house is full to capacity and rents being paid 1

Anonymous said...

If they are playing poker let's hope people's lives and homes aren't messed up as a result of it.