Saturday, November 01, 2008

How supermarkets view Nairn

Inspired by this article, Ayeright muses again:
Just about all Nairnites I know want more choice in our home town when it comes to grocery shopping. I am not sure as to how supermarkets view Nairn, but I wonder if we come across as a desperate cap in hand bunch who would accept a new supermarket anywhere in the town from any of the major players?
News that Inverness would like another multi-story car park made me think about the land we have in the centre of town. Could Nairn not have its own multi story plus supermarket? We could then make the High St pedestrianised and maybe the bus garage could become a terminus for a fleet of busses bringing local folk into the town? All this to be paid for by Highland Council and the new supermarket owners? Maybe I should have saved this article for April 1st - you can but dream!

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