Friday, November 07, 2008

On a warm sunny day in July of 1927

On reading recently about Brooman's Well and its having had a major makeover and the reference to the 'valley' by Min Walker from Tomnarroch Farm in NewZealand set me wondering why the 'wishing well' in the valley has been so badly neglected. The whereabouts of the latter was much better known by the people of Nairn in the years before the war. It was reputed to be a "Wishing Well" and I can confirm that wishes made after partaking a drink of water from it can be, and sometimes are, granted. On a warm, sunny day in July of 1927 my Mother took me to the 'valley' where we had a picnic and sitting together alongside the well she told me that ifI sipped a little of the water and made a wish that that wish might come true. I did just that and wished for a baby sister to play with and, believe it or not, two weeks later my sister Jean was born. I have often wondered was I primed to make such a wish??

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