Monday, November 17, 2008

Waiter, is that a rat in my soup?

AyeRight becomes a food sleuth:

Usually before stepping out for a carry oot I consult my Michelin guide or Google the establishment to see what great food critic has stepped through it’s doors and shredded all but the very structure of the building to pieces. Tonight though my choice of eaterie has been decided by a report on establishments from the local environmental health inspectors. Stars they do nor give out but a critique of all health risks they do, it makes sober reading. Next time you visit a food establishment it might be best not to offer your compliments to the chef but ask if chef has washed his or her hands before preparing your meal! And yes a rat (Dead) was found in the basement of one Nairn establishment in recent times. The credit crunch is apparently leading us to eat at home and sales of take away type spices etc are soaring but the real reason might become apparent when you read the inspectors report - bon appétit?


Bill said...

I've not had too many illusions about commercial eating establishments since I spent most of two school summer holidays many many years ago working in hotels, the first year as a general dogsbody (dish-washing, potato-peeling etc) and the second as a waiter. As for me, although I eat out from time to time both in Nairn and elsewhere in the region, one of the main reasons why I tend to dine at home is that I don't have to drive - so can open a nice bottle of wine with a clear conscience. I'm also a pretty mean cook, if I say so myself ;)

Graisg said...

Yes your fare looks pretty good Bill, as those of us that have seen the cookery videos on your blog will testify.

Anonymous said...

My favourite find by the Nairn inspector at an establishment was 'desiccated rat' (Deceased). I've never been offered this dish - has anyone else?