Thursday, November 20, 2008

Forres to get retail development before Nairn?

Soon there may be even more to tempt Nairnites through to do their shopping in Forres. As if the major draws of Tesco and Lidl weren't enough, now a major new retail scheme is planned along the road in the neighbouring town.

'NEWS of a £25 million retail and commercial development which is being proposed on a site on the edge of Forres has received a mixed response from people living around the area.
The proposed investment was announced last week by "RedCo Milne Assets", who unveiled plans for a massive development along the Bogton Road corridor from the Mosset Burn end, taking in the old Tesco site to near the junction with Romach Road.
The development could pave the way for a supermarket, petrol station, 60-bed hotel, visitor centre, retail park, garden centre and shoppers car park, with improved pedestrian access onto the High Street and town centre, as well as re-location to a new stadium for Forres Mechanics.'
The full story here on the Forres Gazette's site. As Nairn waits for others to make decisions, will Forres take another step forward, leapfrogging ahead of Nairn again?


Anonymous said...

Building a supermarket in a town centre, what a radical idea !!! Of course, it'll never catch on, people wouldn't need to use their cars, and that would never do :)

Anonymous said...

Damn, that's awful - because of fussypants Nairn pushing Sainsbury's back, there's a real danger of Forres developing a pivotal retail park, which will overshadow any developments on the outskirts of Nairn and take investment to Forres instead.

Strange how Nairn is being left the roadside, literally, while everywhere else is allowed a chance to develop.

- Brian, MyNairn