Friday, November 07, 2008

Man (and Nairn) does not live by shopping alone

A very interesting comment came in on response Number 29 on the Gurn's shopping survey.
You can take part yourself here and see all the responses so far here:
'Man (and Nairn) does not live by shopping alone. While exercises like this might be interesting, the results are fairly predictable. The greater risk is that this takes our eye off the ball. While we obsess about Sainsburys, supermarkets and shopping, we fail to notice the juggernaut which threatens to obliterate Nairn's remaining attractive features. The cumulative impact of developments within the framework of the appalling Inverness/A96 Corridor plan pose an existential threat to the town of Nairn. It's not surveys we need - it's a public awareness campaign!'
Regulars will know that the Gurn has more than touched on this subject since its creation and we will continue to do so. Nothing to stop anyone else blogging on the subject however. The Gurn will link to anyone who sets up such a 'public awareness' blog or website.
UPDATE 1430:'A96' has commented and thus we have a response to the response
A96 said...
I unlike response number 29 applaud the Gurn for the shopping survey. It might well be that the results are no great surprise but thus far it confirms Gurn readers unhappiness with what Nairn as a retail venue has to offer and also their disquiet with Highland Council. Clearly a large amount of Nairnite money is being spent outwith Nairn which must be of concern to current local businesses, and those thinking of moving to the town. The topic of shopping has rightly been debated in the Gurn before and I very much hope that it will provide a platform for further discussion on this very important issue. The future of Nairn is dependent upon us getting the right balance of shopping facilities so that we are not traveling to nearby towns.With regard proposed developments along the A96. To my knowledge there has been a large amount of publicity for each and every proposal which I would have thought would have been brought to the attention of most Nairnites and hence most of us are already very aware of the impact such developments might have upon Nairn? Unpalatable as many of these proposals may be to current residents this is a separate issue to that of shopping in Nairn and who knows, maybe the Gurn will run a survey covering this subject (But I think the results may be predictable) And for the record women (and Nairn) do not live by shopping alone, not just men!

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