Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How do others see us?

Asks Ayeright:

I’m a big fan of web sites such as Trip Advisor. It allows for paying customer to give feedback on accommodation and food outlets throughout most of the world.
To my cost I have discovered that is can be all too easy these days for hotels and restaurants to employ a great web designer and have carefully shot photos only for you to arrive at your destination to be bitterly disappointed and voting with your feet by vowing never to darken their doors again. I appreciate that my views and tastes when it comes to the catering and the hotel trade may be very different from others, but the feedback left by Trip Advisor tends to give a good overview as to what to expect (Or not, and hence avoid!).
So how does Nairn fair? Have a look at
Trip Advisor.

Some of the info is a bit out of date with regard restaurants, but in general Nairn comes out quite well in terms of feedback. Maybe Nairnites could update the restaurant part of the site and keep potential visitors up to date?

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