Saturday, November 01, 2008

Tilda and Mark speak out

They're both very worried about changes to Scottish Arts Funding. With everything else going on, or going down the pan perhaps, it is hard for other subjects to register on the radar but here's what Tilda said:
Oscar-winning actress Swinton is leading calls for a significant rethink. She said she was "deeply disturbed" that Scottish Screen and the Scottish Arts Council should pay for the transition costs, and expressed concern about the quality of advice being offered to the government.
"As a Scottish citizen and arts worker I object to the huge hole that will be left in our cultural life by this diversion of funds," she said. "This £4m to £7m bombshell would mean that cultural and arts funding in Scotland will be devastated in the next few financial years and would constitute a dangerously unpopular policy for a Scottish government to implement. Our fear is that this proposed course indicates a lack of practical, intelligent and informed advice available to our executive."

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