Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Gurn, an influential blog? In at number 93 anyway!

'Not wishing to overly put down the influence of bloggers on corporate reputations in our earlier post, here are the top bloggers using Blogspot as their platform...'

They list a hundred of them here and well, we are in at number 93. Obviously this isn't an article about the best blogs in the world just somebody's idea of the blogs that get noticed a little when it comes to this field. Not bad for a bunch gurny gurnites! That's what we get for talking/obsessing about supermarkets all the time.?

They continue:
'Not just an automated web-clipping service, our people actively monitor what is being written by consumers, employees, shareholders and activists. We provide our clients with the very best early warning of public concerns and expectations. Being aware of what people are saying is essential to reputation management, helps compliance with the risk assessments and provides a foundation for a meaningful dialogue with stakeholders. '

The Gurnmeister suspects, however, that we may be a tad overated , or maybe some influential people do read us but never admit it in public?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the BBC could introduce a 'Top of the Blogs' show for Christmas?