Monday, November 24, 2008

Help needed with big effigies!

Want to support Nairn High Street? Now's you chance to put your back into it!
'The procession through Nairn will include the White Witch’s large war chariot, pulled by two burly polar bears, as well as new creations including a water dragon and a giant effigy of Aslan, the lion.
But volunteers are still needed to carry the new structures through Nairn High Street.
Can you help with Friday night's show, more details on the event and how to help over on the P&J site.


Anonymous said...

All events like this should be supported and I'm sure there will be lots of volunteers.

As I've said elsewhere though, there are some parts of the event that make you wonder a little.

I am fairly familiar with the works of C S Lewis but, for the life of me, I can't recollect where the belly dancers featured in the Nairnian Chronicles.

There were some Maenads , dancing in accompanyment to Bacchus and Silenus in 'Prince Caspian' , and I think they also featured in 'The Last Battle' but the belly dancing link is otherwise lost on me.

Perhaps Jack Lewis was minded to re-write parts of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, having originally written that it was a wandering group of belly dancers that chewed through the ropes that bound Aslan to the stone table.

Anonymous said...

Our Provost leading belly dancers have for me become synonymous with any event in Nairn and seem to pop up just as frequently as the pipe band or the gaelic choir. I am puzzled however as to Nairn and the cultural links to belly dancing, can anyone explain this?
Nairnia is usually received warmly in Nairn, even if Nairnites usually freeze to watch the event. A good size grant makes the event happen so who knows as to what the event will bring this year other than belly dancers - there is a rumor they might include children, surely not?

Anonymous said...

'a giant effigy of Aslan'

On first reading I thought it said 'Asda' rather than 'Aslan'. Was all geared up to go and support Nairn's first supermarket effergy thing :)

Graisg said...

Belly dancing and culture? Well culture is what others decide is good for us - like the BBC force feeding us Johnathon Ross for example. Culture is anything that gets a grant. Culture is the Fishertown heritage or Nairn's often overlooked rich Gaelic heritage. Culture is a Big Mac. Culture is Jazz or film or books Culture is having fun and that's what Liz and her pals look like they are doing. Good luck to them. Don't knock it until you've tried it. Culture is all, long live culture.

Anonymous said...

Who mentioned culture?

I have nothing against belly dancing.If people enjoy it, it's fine with me.

I would question its appearance at every single event in Nairn's calender of late though.

Just a personal thing but I would prefer to have some of the local events served without it. You can over promote some things.

We'll wait to see how well the town supports it when those in high office suggest we have another bronze statue in the town, this time casting immortal the figure of a tribal belly dancer.