Friday, November 28, 2008

MP arrested for doing his job?

It isn't often the Gurn goes off-topic and directly comments on mainstream London politics but the arrest of Damian Green MP is very worrying indeed. Maybe you don't normally give a toss about politics especially anything connected with the Tories but you should pay interest this time. The Gurnmeister makes no secret of his life-long distate for the Tory party but when the cops start arresting politicians for the like of this we must all be very wary indeed.
According to Tory Blogger Iain Dale:
'His "crime" has been to reveal Home Office statistics and misconduct which they tried to cover up. If it is now a crime for a politician to do this sort of thing then just think how many other people should have been arrested - Robert Peston being a good recent example. What about government ministers who relished leaking information about the PBR?'
More here, and our local Blogger Bill has also written an article.


AyeRight said...

I agree that some of the comments made by both Damien Green MP and other members of the Tory party with regard to his arrest if true are indeed very worrying.
On the face of what is being presented we have the cabinet requesting the arrest of an opposition party member for exposing information which should be in the public domain.
I would hope that the truth emerges, and likewise we too as a nation emerge from what clearly seems action that firmly places the UK as a police state rather than a democracy. How long before I get a knock on the door for writing this?

PS - Bill, I nearly gave up waiting for your blog to load - your site is soooooo slow!

Bill said...

PS - Bill, I nearly gave up waiting for your blog to load - your site is soooooo slow!

You're not the only one who is irritated, believe you me ;) - in fact I blogged about it a few days ago, not that many people have had the patience in the past couple of weeks (since the problem began) to wait to read this or other recent blogposts - or at least so the precipitous drop in my visit stats would seem to imply. I have an idea what the problem is, but unfortunately if I am correct a massive amount of work will be required to make my blog fully functional again. I'm still deciding how to proceed.

slightly left said...

In Guardian letters today it is suggested that a slow blog should be called a slog. Seems a good description to me