Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Newton Hotel or the Maryborough Hotel and Spa?

Ayeright has been out and about surfing again and he has clicked on a real enigma. Anyone heard of the Maryborough Hotel and Spa, on the Inverness Road Nairn? There's a very nice web page telling you all about the facilities but if you got into a taxi at the airport and asked for that address would you get there? The picture on the bottom of the page looks familiar though.


Iain said...

Well spotted Ayeright. This looks like some kind of scam. Two of the photos at least are of the Craigmonie Hotel in Inverness. I've passed the link to my contacts at the Newton and will advise on the outcome.

Graisg said...

Perhaps a bit of a harsh judgement there, the 'Alternative accomodation in Nairn' button shows some familiar establishments with what seem to be the correct names.
It would be interesting to know if anyone paid for that listing because if they did they got a poor service.

Iain said...

Hotel now correctly named. Obviously a genuine mistake. Will make sure they get the photos changed as well.