Saturday, November 22, 2008

Petition to get the Gaelic channel on freeview

There's a petition on the Scottish Parliament website calling for BBC Alba to be available on freeview. The channel, so far only available on Sky (channel 168) and one other small satillite provider is none the less attracting a lot of viewers, regardless of the language it seems to be providing the sort of programmes people want. If you haven't had a look yet give it a try, there are subtitles in english on a few programmes. Now when you consider that this channel was set up with £14 million and the idiot Jonathon Ross is on a £17 million contract it puts into perspective what you can do if you simply give real talent a chance instead of foisting loudmouth fools on us and claiming that they are 'talent'.
So why isn't the channel on freeview? Are the authorities scared that too many people will watch it, turning away from the mainstream rubbish that fills so many prime time hours on the main channels? The Gurnmeiseter hopes you will consider signing the petition.

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