Wednesday, August 08, 2012

A Gow for the Bus Station Lighthouse?

Jingle Bangles sends us a picture this evening and asks if this Gow is contemplating a new life up at the Bus Station "lighthouse" when it gets built. If you are slightly perplexed then read this thread. On that thread you will find a link to a list of detailed objections, former Westie Councillor Graham Vine has added his thoughts to the growing pile of dissent.

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APTSec said...

The e Planning web site has been having problems for the last few days. The site is now not loading at all at the moment. Indeed, a 'service temporarily unavailable'- page has just this minute come up instead after much 'chugging' trying to load the page.

I was informed in an email sent yesterday morning that:

Thanks for your email – There does seem to be a problem with the eplanning system which is being looked at just now by the engineers...