Friday, August 03, 2012

Happy Birthday Sainsbury's Nairn

One year on and it is worth remembering the day Sainsbury's broke the Co-op stranglehold on Nairn. Click read more to see the video of how it was this time last year.


shopper said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Sainsbury's has seen a recent boost in sales. The reason? loss of car parking spaces due to the demolition of the old community centre is making parking even more difficult in the town centre. A large number of spaces near the King St Co-op are filled by 9:00am, not with shoppers but I suspect folk who work in the store or in the town

Spelding said...

Sainsbury: Don’t want to be a killjoy but I was hoping Sainsbury coming to Nairn would mean a fairer deal for motorists. Last time I checked they were charging 4p a litre more than Tesco, Asda and Morrison. Tesco have been dragging their heels on fuel prices until Asda moved into the Sneck. Now there’s competition they have had to drop their prices. Not much good to Nairn motorists though using the Sainsbury pumps. I’m a commuter so will continue to top up in the Sneck and no doubt spend some of my weekly shop in Inverness if Sainsbury can’t match these fuel prices. Spelding.

Jim said...

Now, now Spelding.

I think you'll find that in the heat of competition in Edinburgh and Glasgow, the supermarkets Tesco, Asda and Morrison use petrol as a loss leader, to draw drivers to their stores.

I believe that Morrison are often the lowest price there, but not so in Inverness. I drove to West Yorkshire last month, and was surprised to find Tesco more expensive for petrol than the other two mentioned.

Sainsbury don't pretend to offer the biggest discounts on fuel anywhere - they trade on 'best overall value', a slightly different concept. If you shop at Sainsbury, you'll find that when they do undercut Asda or Tesco for branded products, they print a little slip at the check-out for you, announcing how much you have SAVED by shopping at Sainsbury.

If you did a price comparison today on branded catfood (I have three hungry moggies to feed) you would see Sainsbury with better offers than Tesco..... try checking 1 litre bottles of whisky blends too.

Rest assured, the supermarkets check each others products and prices daily and react accordingly.

Petrol prices seem to vary daily everywhere, anyway. For non commuters, the cost of driving especially to Inverness to fill up is a real consideration.

Depends how big your tank is, I suppose.