Thursday, August 16, 2012

Demolition sites in town centre - a regular reader asks: "Am I right to be worried?"

"Am I right to be worried? The old Community Centre site has been nicely levelled and it has been suggested that until the site sells, it could be used as a car park. I see no sign of this taking place. Did the demolition budget include conversion to a car park or is this all we get? If it's down to Highland Council to finance then we may wait a long time for a car park. Not that I'm blaming them as they funded the demolition. More worrying is that work on the old service station appears to have stopped. The site has not been tidied or levelled. It would be nice to think that these open spaces could be used for parking - and it could yet happen. But in the case of the petrol station it looks as if the contractors have disappeared without completing the contract. Let's hope it's not left as just a different type of eyesore! Of course, perhaps there is joined-up thinking behind this and now that both sites have been levelled it's easier to tarmac both at the same time. We'll see."

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Anonymous said...

Yes the contractors at the community centre have done a great job apart from the slight damage to the adjacent building which I'm sure will be sorted out now all the heavy plant is away. Its disappointing that this space could not of been utilised for additional parking at least for games day as I'm sure there will be the usual shortage of spaces tomorrow.