Saturday, August 11, 2012

"All it takes is one nice day"

One of our regular readers sends us the quote in the title of this post and reports bins overflowing in the harbour area with seagulls foraging and rubbish blowing onto the beach, he also included the picture above. 

Vix too  was complaining in his column about the gulls getting into poo bags etc from the bins along the seafront areas. There is a school of thought that the Council do not empty bins enough on warm sunny days. Most visitors try their best and try and dispose of their rubbish in a bin but what can they do if the bins are full? Does the Highland Council have a contingency for warm sunny days when more rubbish is generated?


rubbish said...

Time and time again the Gurn has highlighted this. How much damage does this do to Nairn's tourist trade when one bin lorry would sort it?

Anonymous said...

Yes the council should empty the bins when they are full, weekend or not. Not a good advert for Nairn. We should not forget that humans bring their packaging to the beach and Links to picnic and enjoy the rare good weather. If the bins are full dont try to pile your rubbish on top or leave it by the bin. PUT YOUR RUBBISH IN A BAG AND TAKE IT HOME!
SIMPLE. Perhaps the council could put sticker signs on the lids advising this action. While I'm at it....... Everytime the is a good gale the wheelie bins between the swimming pool and harbour are blown over and rubbish blown everywhere. They all need a 6' post driven in 3' at each corner and a broad strap put around them to keep them upright. If any of our councillors or community councillors are reading this please do something NOW

Anonymous said...

Just back from a walk all the front sun was out people where enjoying themselves at the swing park.
What a disappointment to see the bin overflowing and the seagulls enjoying the rubbish that was around.


growtosow said...

more of the same mess still their tonight, can they not sort this out once and for all? what does it take?