Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ongoing digital showcase in Nairn Community Centre today (Weds) - Community Centre

It seemed a bit suit heavy and perhaps intimidating in the display room to the non-business or low-key sort of business folk that might step in off the street but this observer persevered and went to a couple of talks in another room. You can win an i-pad if you want to tell a digital story. If you know someone who is not on the net send them over too, there's a wifie there that wants to get them online. Maybe there is something for you. Here's what's left today - Might go back for the Superfast Broadband Q&A

1130 Cloud Opportunities (Sian Jamieson)
Afternoon presentations

1300 Superfast Broadband - benefits and uses (Sian Jamieson)
1330 Q&A about superfast broadband and what it means in practice (Jane Beaton, Citizens Online)
1400 Cloud Opportunities (Sian Jamieson)
1430 Stormfront - iPad for Learning
1800 Close

1 comment:

Nairn farce said...

I wonder if the organisers realise the true digital state of Nairn with the majority of businesses unable to get BT's super fast broadband and no date as to when they might.

The event was a slap in the face , highlighting the business benefits of a service that is not even pencilled in in a BT calendar for the High St or the Balmakeith.

Surely an unremitting PR disaster?

Personally I reckon we'll get the bypass first!