Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sewage - discharge is permitted but "Scottish Water and SEPA acknowledge that the discharge requires investment"

Earlier this week we uploaded a video of a sewage discharge into the River Nairn from the outlet below the car park in front of the new flats at the Maggot. There have been discharges from that pipe before but to this observer there seemed to be a marked increase in volume, I then wrote to SEPA to ask if what had happened was an authorised discharge. Here's the prompt reply I received:

"I understand that you want to know whether the discharge, shown in the Youtube video you supplied the link to, was authorised or not.

I have consulted Scottish Water directly and their representative confirmed today that the storm overflow discharge in question is authorised by licence CAR/L/1026159, issued under the Water Environment (Controlled Activities) (Scotland) Regulation 2011.

I have confirmed this is correct and the licence refers to the discharge as NAIRN, IN FIELS S/O GARAGE/BRIDGE ST CSO.

Scottish Water and SEPA acknowledge that the discharge requires investment and I understand that Scottish Water have agreed that the discharge should be considered for improvement in the next investment period (referred to as SR15).

I trust this answers your enquiry, however, should you want to discuss the above please feel free to contact a water officer within the Hebrides & Central Highlands Team at SEPA’s Dingwall office on 01349 862021. As Emma Jones is the SEPA coordinating officer for that area I suggest that any future enquiry on this subject could be direct to her in the first instance.

I hope this is helpful

Colin Mathieson
(Specialist 2_Water Point Source)
Hebrides & Central Highlands Team


Anonymous said...

Strange that comment by Sepa there. As Sepa had previously accepted that investment was not a priority for Sepa, as it represented small environmental harm in the overall Scotland wide context.

Graisg said...

Where did they say that anon?