Sunday, August 12, 2012

Food and drink at the Nairn Games 2012 – Let’s raise a glass to the Common Good?

There will be a new look to the layout of the area between the bandstand and Cumming Street this year. Food and drink will be provided by local businesses such as Ashers Bakery and the Really Garlicky company, instead of out of town providers. Michael Green told the Gurn of some of the changes. Higher stance rents will be charged from now on to bring more funds into the Common Good. The aim is also to improve the experience of visitors and locals to the games. There will be a food and drink pavilion too (an inflatable tent and bar to be exact – sounds quite interesting). The pavilion will be stewarded and will also be open on the Sunday. Half of all the profits taken will be going to the Common Good. 

Another new addition to the games will be the Charity Challenge Avenue where you will be able to enjoy attractions such as the human fruit machine and other innovative fun ways of enjoying yourself whilst helping good causes. It all sounds worth a try to this observer and if we spend money on a snack or an ice-cream at the games why not keep that cash moving in local circulation by buying from a local business?

Michael has been quite busy behind the scenes working to bring about these changes and hopes that the Common Good fund and the games will benefit enormously from this fund raising opportunity. The new Councillor also told the Gurn of how he intends to do more to ensure the long term future and prosperity of the town centre and how he aims to work with others to realise the potential within the community to bring about positive changes here. 

So if you are going down to the Games next Saturday you might fancy a pint in aid of the Common Good?


pie and a pint said...

Sounds like Nairn's version of the London Olympics with local fast food being provided by our new Common Good sponsors, healthy stuff

Opening on the Sabbath seems a little brave. Not much to see other than the showies rounding up and heading off with the fug of diesel wafting across the Links

Has there been an application to allow alcohol to be consumed in the area or is this another 'turn a blind eye' by the authorities much like the Jubilee picnic?

Anonymous said...

Is there not an exemption on the alcohol ban for the Games and Hogmanay?

Graisg said...

Plenty of people took drink down last year and consumed it in a quiet and orderly fashion, a bit like the Jubilee crew in Viewfield recently.

Games Day said...

I would have thought it would have been more appropriate for profits to be shared with the Games Committee, it is after all 'Games Day'

AM said...

about time somone had a go at improving the offerings. Nairn Games has been getting a bit boring in recent years with fewer showie rides and fewer pipe bands. The refreshment tent is a excellent idea, why not get a cut of the profit from the inevitable alcohol sales and use it for community good.

Graisg said...

@ Bring back the etc,

Thanks for that but we'd better not publish :-)

Anonymous said...

What a shame Cllr Green hasn't managed to keep us informed as to his activities on Facebook since the election as have his SNP counterparts (Liz and Colin).

I can only assume that he just saw social media as an election tool which is a pity as it would seem he is doing some good work for the community?

Graisg said...

@ anon 17.06 - would need more than rumours to publish your comment - if you have any reliable information to that effect please e-mail the Gurn.

told you so said...

Reading more about this in tonight's Nairnshire

The beer tent license runs till 1:00am, you cannot help but ask if this isn't too late. A guaranteed sleepless night for anyone who lives near to the Links and a busy night for the Police

I'm afraid I'm not impressed with this aspect of Cllr Green's efforts

Anonymous said...

At a time when our government in Holyrood has brought in measures to try and curb alcohol consumption we have a Nairn councillor who seems keen to promote our shameful drinking culture in Scotland, with a sop that half the profits from the new beer tent at the Games will go to the Common Good fund.

You cannot replace the misery that alcohol unfortunately brings to some folk and their families with a charitable donation.

Getting local companies involved with proving food was a nice idea, but did we really need the alcohol element?

Concerned said...

It may have escaped Michael Green's notice that times are hard, especially in our licensed trade. We've also had an appalling summer weather wise which has caused further loss of trade for many pubs and hotels. Many are closing their doors for good each week.

It's easy to see the upset that a beer tent has caused the Braeval and the Bandstand. Games day would have been a big boost to their incomes and now they have to contend with a competitor who also has a late license and near unlimited space for customers in the form of the Links

I support Michaels idea to bring more local businesses to Games day, but not at the cost of two established premises, this would seem very unfair, and as far as I know his plan was not to introduce competition but to support Nairn businesses?

I hope the whole event goes well (Games day) and that we have good weather this year

Anonymous said...

A cert to be fun and games once the Showies close at 11 and the late licence 'til 1am kicks in. The police will be up to their eyes with rival fights and drunken women everywhere. Already the Nairn loons and quinnes are taking up the benches at the sea walkway, with their cases of beer and cider - go down any night and they are there. Wait until games day....

Anonymous said...

Alcohol is an inescapable part of our culture. It is a way that many people say they 'unwind'after a hard day. for some it is a habit, for others, it has become the only way that they can relax in a social situation. It is cool to drink.

People criticise the use of recreational drugs (and rightly so in my opinion) but conveniently forget that imbibing any type of alcohol will have a potential harmful impact on their body. Then of course for some members of our communities exposure to alcohol will lead to addiction.

Anonymous said...

Can only say it, and I never thought I would, bring back Oor Graham

all said and done said...

All well and good wanting to do more for the community, but you have to involve everyone from stage one and not just present a fait accompli which only serves to anger and alienate people

This might well be Michaels first blot on the political lanscape

Graisg said...

Thanks to all the other comments, will look at them again later but not having a stable internet connection today is causing problems.

At the end of the day if any "anon" can back up their facts why not publish yourself on the net giving your name and address?

D.Ross said...

Why do we need the beer tent???
There are allready two pubs within staggering distance of the games/links!

The Olympic games was a "family games" without beer tents.

So why does he want to ruin the family atmosphere of our games with a beer tent? At least we can avoid the majority of the "drunks" by staying away from the two pubs.

Also is he or the N.C.G.F going to pay for any damage, extra litter, disturbance, etc, caused by these drunks?

Does the beer tent have a music licence?, and if so until what time???

And as reported in the N.T. there was fighting between the fairground workers and local youths at last years games......

So putting a beer tent which is open until 1am, next to the fair whilst the fairground workers are trying to pack up is going to make matters worse!!!

And as I live in Fishertown I will have to put up with the consequences of your actions with more litter, and more drunks staggering past!!!!

"Welcome to Nairn and drink yourself stupid. If you are so drunk that you can't stagger to the two pubs don't worry we've provided a beer tent at the games"!!!!!

WELL DONE Cllr Green!!!

rAsPbErRy said...

Sounds like the idea of an inflatable bar has been deflated already!

mines a pint said...

If you go to the Games on Saturday you might fancy a pint or two from one of the local bars beside the Links that will hopefully remain in existence for longer than Games day!

Support your local businesses!!!

Charles M said...

Me thinks there has been a complete fiasco by the police,the licensing board, local councillors who have not dealt with this matter correctly with a lack of communication between all of them who I dont think know their arse from a peach melba, there is a drinks curfew imposed on the Links so how was a licensed granted to sell alcoholic beverages, I wish Councillor Green well with this venture but woe betide if all hell brakes loose on the Links as those responsible will have a lot to answer for.

As Seen on facebook said...

"Greenand Lean

after meeting the police this afternoon, we now have the green light for the "Foul Fashion Bar" for games weekend. thanks to all the local businesses that have shown tremendous support and helped put this event together and to raise money for Nairns common good fund!

please "like" and "share" this post if you believe our bar is what is needed and will be a success over the games weekend!"

Raise your game said...

and where do the profits from the nearby bars go? How much do the braeval and shambles give to the Common Good?

Profits? said...

"The business trades 7 days a week and generates a turnover in the region of £477,000 per annum with a gross profit of 56%"

9K per week turnover?

blue and mean said...

the bar seems to have fallen foul of folks opinions already

technically challenged said...

Dear Gurn technical department

Re @As Seen on facebook's post

How do we 'share' and 'like' on the Gurn, I'm puzzled

Yours etc

Anonymous said...

I think this beer tent is getting a bit of a hard time on here? From what I can gather Nairn games have now know longer a main sponsor to fund the games? Many other highland games have been permantly cancelled due to lack of funding. Here we have to locals who have teamed up with Michael green to run a joint venture to raise money to make sure the games don't wither away. I agree opening on Sunday is bizarre and not needed but I feel that if the two pubs who solely reap thr rewards from games weekend gave a little support to the games this idea would not of been allowed to develop.

Anonymous said...

Realistic points of concern have clearly been discussed on this matter previously, and I would agree with concerns after personally witnessing the negative effects of alcohol from close loved ones and people within Society.

As mentioned like it or not alcohol is a part of Society and not for 1 minute do I condone it.

Yet what if this venture is a success for the Games, and the money generated is put to good use within the community, and the event passes with less trouble than first thought.

Local businesses in that area dont lose out as much as they think. After all the inflatable bar dont have toilets and who would be closest for convenience and warmth?

Could Nairn become content with that.

BC said...

I will be more than happy to give my money to the Foul Fashion bar when I purchase my annual sherry. As AM said Nairn Games has let the rot set in a bit, as a free games we should be monopolising on the trade. Where I agree with some folk is I don’t believe that a 1am License is appropriate and the Sunday bar mystifies me as there is no event taking place to license. As for the local hoteliers it will do them good to have to compete for trade, they do not have the right to it, and trying to take the moral high ground is hypocritical.

On the bevy said...

Current licensing applications Highland Council:
1.2 On and Off Sales
Premises: Braeval Hotel, Crescent Road, Nairn, IV12 4NB
Applicant: Morag Holding, Braeval Hotel, Crescent Road, Nairn, IV12 4NB
Variation: To vary on-sales consumption to terminate at 01.00 hrs Monday-Saturday and on Sundays to commence at 12.00 hrs and terminate at 00.30 hrs. Indoor Sports (i.e. Pool Table) in Games Room for use within core licensed hours. Children and Young Persons access times: amended to Monday-Sunday 11.00 hrs to 24.00 hrs in Restaurant and 11.00 hrs to 21.00 hrs in Lounge Bar/Games Room (restrictions not applicable to resident children). "Outdoor seating area" and "parking" at rear of hotel replaced by extended Conservatory "Restaurant". Smoking Area/Canopy covered area now Games Room. Amend description from "parking to rear" and replace with "no private parking".
Date published: 6 August 2012
Date for Objections: 27 August 2012

Maybe it's just me said...

As someone who has no interest in drinking alcohol (yes, there are some of us out here) it continually perplexes me why people feel that getting totally rat arsed is necessary in the first place. Are their lives so shallow and pathetic that they have to pursue oblivion with a poisonous substance which does long term damage to their bodies and the short term 'pleasure' of a raging hangover the next day? There is no difference from the kids roaming about with their cheap cider and buckfast to the folk in bars pouring as much, and as quickly as possible, down their throats.
Happy Games day?

D.Ross said...

@Profits? 4:52pm

Re the sale of the Havlock Hotel in your link.

£477,000 turnover per year with 56% GROSS profit.

Gross profit is the total takings through the till less the cost (trade) price of those items.

So 56% of £477,000 = £267,120 per year. THEN DEDUCT all the running costs of the business eg, gas, telephone, electric, insurance, licences, Rents, Staff wages, Tax, VAT, N.I. contributions, replacement fixtures & fittings, etc, etc,

The figure you are left with is ALOT smaller and is known as NET PROFIT! Which on that sale ad they state "Net Profit is avaliable on request".

Turnover is banded about like mad, and people think that bigger is better........BUT NET profit is the true indicator of the businesses worth!!

see through said...

If there is genuine sentiment from Cllr Green to raise monies then might I suggest that all the manpower from the beer is used instead to go around the Games collecting money in buckets, I'm sure the Games committee would welcome this and the contents of the buckets would all be going to the cause, not just 50%

But I'm afraid the beer tent is about making money.

There are already some excellent folk involved in raising charitable monies in Nairn. Does the precedent of the beer tent mean that they too can use this vehicle to raise monies?

I'm sure the Classroom wouldn't mind a beer tent outside it's doors every Saturday if some of the proceeds were going to charity? I think this would be what you might call fair

Seriously the beer tent is but a thin veil that most of us can see through. Support Nairn Games by putting a generous amount of your money in their collecting buckets rather than buy a beer from the tent

Graisg said...

@ D.Ross thanks for the other two comments - we can all read fragments of social media and come to conclusions. Some would make the judgement you have, others not. Myself I'm not too concerned. If you wish to examine those aspects of this issue in the public domain then why not start your own blog or twitter account, or on facebook pages and share with the world yourself.
The Gurn is open to all sides of a story but we do have limits - elastic ones perhaps but they have served us well over the past few years :-)

Graisg said...

@ see through - Whatever the merits or otherwise of the beer tent we should welcome a debate about how to raise money for the Common Good Fund and then use that fund to generate jobs and business in Nairn. No one else is going to do it for us and at the same time let's get that fund out of Highland Council control and back to Nairn.

see through said...


I agree, but the beer tent isn't a debate, it's a done deal

How would we all feel if say the ladies who collect for the RNLI decided that half the monies taken on their excellent stalls were for themselves, not very good I would suggest

Are we seeing a new era of charitable fundraising in Nairn, "one for you, one for me" or is this just a get rich quick scheme under the banner of collecting for a good cause

To be honest I'd rather that the beer tent was just there to blatantly make money. It wouldn't seem so bad then, rather than fly the flag of 'doing good' whilst serving alcohol which has very questionable social and health merits

Everyone knows the damage that alcohol brings to our society, lets not try and wrap sale of it in a fluffy 'doing good' wrapper

Anonymous said...

Surely it's about choice ? Let the people choose, beer tent, pub or neither. I'm sure they will vote with their feet. Healthy competition never hurt anyone, other than the greedy !

not true said...

Anon 12:31

"Healthy competition never hurt anyone, other than the greedy !"

Healthy competition in the form of out of town shops and supermarkets, or large malls has hurt many High Streets, just take a look at Inverness old town as an example