Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Seagull attack on 2yr old child

"As the parent of a 2 year old left shaken and bloody following a seagull attack this morning in Leopold Street can I say a big Thank You to all who came to the aid of my wife and son, especially the kind lady in Tradeaway.

To Laurie, Liz, et al, can I also say that it's time to up your game on this matter. Seagulls are now attacking toddlers in the centre of Nairn. Please don't wait until a child is blinded before you step up. If you keep hiding behind the "It's up to The Highland Council to decide" mantra and do nothing then the decline of the high street is inevitable, as more families simply choose to buy everything from Sainsbury's because it's safer than running the Seagull gauntlet...

Gary Ryan

Concerned of the West End"


Anonymous said...

Installing some AA cannons to defend the skies of Nairn would be a good start. The seagull population would be quickly obliterated.

Graisg said...

Firepower in built up areas is not an option. Solutions will have to be labour intensive, removing nests and piercing eggs.
As we have stated in the Gurn before seagulls problems were debated in the Nairnshire back in the seventies. If it's a blame game then blame all the local and national politicians since then who have not invested in the manpower to react at seagull nesting time.

Anonymous said...

Highland Council 'Seagull Control and Information'Herring Gulls and the Law

Gulls attacking Whales - rubbish tips to blame here they say in the video

Then there's attacks by seagulls in Elgin

Hawk tackles seagull attacks on pupils in Cornwall

"It was nothing like this when I was young"

Gulls attack teen in Kirkcaldy - five comments here as well

Also other articles reporting various problems with Gulls in Cardiff, Carlisle, Cumbernauld, Gloucester, Lancashire, Somerset, Sunderland, Worcester

This is what Cardiff Council say about tackling the Seagull problem

Graisg said...

Also put "seagulls" into the search engine on the Gurn sidebar and you will have several pages of information some of them linking to research.

Anonymous said...

Another thing to do is to STOP FEEDING them! That includes locals and tourists. I don't know how many times I've seen folk sitting outside the Courthouse and up by the Royal Bank feeding them. These birds, like many creatures, are opportunists who quickly work out that if they wait long enough some daft human will take pity on them and throw them a chip. STOP IT!

Anonymous said...

Well Well no big shock that another poor child has been hurt by the flying rats.I hope something will be done....Cull ??????

gullblaster5000 said...

give me a shotgun and a couple of hours and ill have it sorted

Anonymous said...

When I was young nobody sat or walked about eating in the street apart from the occasional portion of chips. How much of this has contributed to the behaviour of the gulls?