Friday, August 03, 2012

Forres waste plant plans on view

Gurnites might remember the "Forres is Rubbish" article on the Gurn in June. Now the STV website reports:
"The plans will go on display on the town’s High Street at Forres House on Friday, August 3 from 2pm until 8pm and on Saturday, August 4 from 10am until 2pm."  More on the STV site here - Plan to build a 'clean' power station in Forres takes another step


Anonymous said...

APTSec said...

'Clean Power Properties Limited' appear to have consulted on a number of potential developments across the country.

I found an info leaflet of theirs at:

They also seem to have submitted something to the MIR for the Edinburgh LDP back in Jan.

I wonder if they have submitted anything to the MIR for the Inner Moray Firth LDP?

switch it off said...

Interesting how once unpopular energy sources are gaining favour again. Along with incinerators, sorry, clean energy plants nuclear power is also seemingly gaining support in some parts of the world. Not in Japan for some reason!

Graisg said...

Whatever it is in Forres it isn't an incinerator. Maybe all the greenies at the foundation love it already?

Anonymous said...

Slight change of theme - The Forres recycling yard is able to sort items suitable for re-sale and raise fund. I hear very positive remarks about the set up.

Why can't Nairn and THC do something similar at the Grantown Road recycling yard.

Is this something we should be promoting for consideration?

Graisg said...

It has been talked about at Community Council level, Tommy Hogg and Graham Vine went through to look at the Forres option. There was a sort of a working group set up but nothing came of it. Perhaps if you were to go along to CC meetings and ask again?