Monday, August 20, 2012

Nairn Games exploding beer tent goes into legend

The Sun, The Record and the P&J make the most of it. Lots of games pictures now up on the Gurn flickr pages - more to come over the next day or two, including a selection from Murray MacRae. 
Also pictures of the Games available here with Bratach and RG IV12.


Walk the dog said...

I doubted the idea of a beer tent at the games but having visited the bar area (after the tent burst !) I was impressed by the patrons behaviour and the general atmosphere, which was that of family fun. I should also add that I was very impressed by the beer tent staff commitment in cleaning up their area on the Saturday evening and Sunday morning, it was spotless with not even a bottle top left behind ! A big well done to all concerned.

Let's not forget said...

The whole day was a success thanks to all the Games committee, volunteers, and those who participated in the Games events, from the pipers and the pipe bands, the dancers, the runners, the heavies, the athletes, the crowds, and anyone else I've forgotten to mention.

Thanks for a great day and thanks to the Gurn for capturing some of the issues and sharing them with everyone.

Anonymous said...

It was a great day with brilliant atmosphere, a really tremendious advert for Nairn. The beer tent has grabbed all the headlines. I did think it did add to the day but we must not forget that the weather was the real factor which made the day both memorable and succesful! I would certainly like to see it there again next year but closing at 5pm, that way the other publicans would still get a good share of the trade on what is their most important day of the year....that's just my thoughts. Anyway well done to everyone involved in all aspects of Games.

I was very proud to be a Nairnite on Saturday, unfortunately none of us get to say that too often these days.

sing if you're proud to be... said...

I was proud to be a Nairnite on Sunday. Is that a first?