Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oor Vix's column - Flying rats and misty Nairn

Two articles complete with pictures in from Oor Vix, he sounds a right gurny b****** said someone in passing. Well judge for yourself. Here's two articles from Vix.  If you are a full time Nairn gow fan then please do not read any further you may be offended. A lot of gurning then from our correspondent including the old finance office roof, something that John U also contacted the Gurn about earlier this week. To see Vix's pix and thoughts click the read more tab.

"There I was enjoying the tranquillity of another stunning dawn on the coast of The Moray Firth. Visitors marvel at the environment we are able to enjoy. Then I was brought back to the reality of the present. The sky rats had been at it again. But it wasn't just ordinary packaged rubbish. There were opened bags of dog faeces. Now we are tanAi ,b-8adth0azard. The responsible dog walkers are doing their bit to clean up only to be thwarted by these aerial hooligans. If this were a  occurrence perpetrated by the younger generation of Nairn then our glorious elected would be jumping up and down with righteous indignation. If the miscreants were black with four feet and a long pointed tails there would be heated debates in the hallowed chambers of The HRC (Inverness) with comparisons to the streets of London in
1665. The 'Pest Control Officer' would be dispatched forthwith to rid the town of this scourge, or at least bring it under some form of control. WHATS THE DIFFERENCE? Listen in 'Oh elected ones'. For once in your miserable existences will you listen to the majority of those who elected you and have the courage to take on the 'beauroprats' who say, and no doubt you will endorse their feeble excuse, "It's not as easy as that". Stop whinging, wringing your hands Uriah Heap style in anxious supplication, get off you collective expenses paid for backsides and tackle the issue. There are no such things as problems, only solutions. Here's a challenge......find one.
My wife has given me her Summer cold so I'm feeling a little liverish.

Vix Sinex."

"The summer cold that 'She who must be obeyed' passed on earlier in the week got the better of me this morning so I was up even earlier than usual. At 0440 there looked as though there was going to be a beautiful sunrise. At 0510 the sea fog had blanketed the harbour area. On my way down I checked out the demolition site. The damage to the corner of the old school building has still not been rectified. This was done in the early stages of the demolition process and how much rain have we had since then? The integrity
of the roof has been compromised and there is now bound to be internal water damage. HRC 'beauroprats' are aware. What have they done to safeguard one of Nairn's Heritage Buildings? Will our elected follow up on this issue? I doubt it.

The harbour area is quite a serene place first thing in the morning, especially when softened by the misty air. The dog was snuffling about checking out all the overnight smells when I literally walked into this barrier. Now, I will stand to be corrected but I have not seen any posted Statutory Notice of the closure of a footpath. Indeed there may not even be a requirement but my view is this. The bridge is part of the Highway. A Highway extends from verge to verge. There had to be a notice to stop the traffic using the bridge, that part when it was open being a road under The Road Traffic Act. There has now been a significant change in the route of the footpath. If this had occurred in any other street within Nairn I feel sure that there would have been notices. There are better legal brains than mine out there but I feel the question has to be asked. Now, the cynical side of me is asking, "Is this the thin end of the wedge for the bridge?"

If all is found to be legal and above board I feel I must pose another question. How much did these BESPOKE barriers cost? There was the cost of the engineer to look at the walkway and submit a report. The cost of instigating the 'Tendering Process' and then the cost of each barrier plus its installation. This will conservatively be a four to five figure sum. Our money Nairnites. There must be answers out there under The Freedom of Information Act as to the true cost. Will our elected follow up on this issue and give us the real answers? I doubt it. 

I must get rid of this cold.
Vix Sinex"


getting up your nose said...

Sounds like Vix is in need of some Vic. I'm glad he goes out for walks early in the morning, that way he can avoid humanity and I bet his long suffering other half enjoys the half an hour of peace and quiet

Anonymous said...

ohh wot a girny gurner,he should be glad to be alive

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but what proof has Mr Sinex got that birds are responsible for the dog shit bags strewn about? How would they manage to lift the lid of the bin? Maybe this is down to two legged perpetrators who have, perhaps, been indulging in various forms of substance abuse prior to then indulging in various forms of what to them at the time may seem hilarious and rebellious?

Graisg said...

There is also a school of thought that the bins are not emptied enough by the Council on warm sunny days when the beaches and harbour area are busy.

Anonymous said...

Just keep looking up at the gutters
Vix.Oor Salty will get you in the eye yet.

Vix Sinex said...

Someone has never heard of 'Irony'.
Funny, no response to barriers on the bridge! Perhaps we are content to lose it.