Sunday, August 12, 2012

Flashfred's sunset pictures

Thanks to Flashfred for his pictures of last night's sunset. At last we seem to be getting some spectacular scenes down by after a disappointing summer.

Here on the Gurn we've been updating a set of images with scenes taken this month down on the beach. You can see the images here. Billy was also down the beach last night, he sent us this image. He told the Gurn: "I saw the  mess last night as I was down getting some photos of the sunset, and I thought to myself what is this going to look like in the morning, what a shame it comes to this, does not not do Nairn  any favours, what must folk think, how long does this have to on HC? Please sort it out for all of us. My photo is more why folk come to Nairn's nice beach and this sunset."

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