Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Michael Green joins the Polis

Down at the Games on Saturday it was announced on the tannoy that Michael Green was wanted by the Police. Now we know why, he has been recruited - just for a shift on Friday night to see what life is like on Nairn's law enforcement front line. 
Rosemary Young and her West CC colleagues were earlier tonight urging him to be severe with dog foulers, seagull feeders and litterbugs. Watch out if you fall into any of those categories and are out on Friday night.

Tonight the Westies also discussed the Bus Station application, town centre plans, traffic management and McLean Court along with Gulls and Dogs on the beach. They are more than willing to dispense tough love on all these subjects. Colin MacAulay and Michael Green were all ears although they, of course, took no part in the discussion of the Bus Station application. More on the Gurn soon from the proceedings tonight. 

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