Friday, August 10, 2012

William objects...

With the Bus Station (lighthouse?) polemic still in full swing and the tally of comments now at 36, one of our regular readers was obviously in the mood for a bit of satire. Here we go with Just William's comment:

"William and the gang were restless. It was the second week of their summer holidays and once again the sky was full of dark clouds, another day of rain was immanent.
Out of boredom Ginger was reading the local blog called The Gurn on his smartphone. ‘I say’ said Ginger, ‘the old bus garage is causing a bit of a stir’. William who was staring out of the window shifted his head from his elbow and looked at Ginger. He’d long held an interest in the old bus garage, as it seemed an ideal place for a new gang headquarters near the centre of town. ‘What’s that’ said William, trying not to show too much interest. “The old bus garage is going to be made into flats’ said Ginger, ‘I heard my father say he’d written a strong letter to the planners objecting’. William wondered as to what a strong letter could be; maybe it was covered in steel as an anti terrorist measure, yes that would be it. ‘Maybe we should object as well’ said Ginger, ‘after all William, didn’t you say that the garage was going to be our new headquarters’. Outside the rain had started which precluded activity for the morning so William was moved to enquire more from Ginger. ‘You say your father wrote a letter, should we write one as well’ Writing letters was not the Outlaws strongpoint, unless of course it was ransom notes in which they excelled. Just then Violet Elizabeth Bott wandered in. ‘Hello boys, what are you doing today then, it’s thraining you know’. The gang let out a collective sigh at her appearance. ‘Who said you could come in’ said Henry." To be continued said our correspondent...

And dear fellow Gurnshire comrades, what about a Nairn Housing Trust to make sure that folk that are here by "birth , choice or association" get any public sector accomodation that is going in Nairn? The following is an extract from another very interesting comment:

"Truth is that those who really want these new flats will be highly unlikely to get them & will be left in the clutches of an increasingly expensive private rental sector.

The answer, or rather a possible answer - how about a Nairn housing trust, formed to manage either existing or newly built housing stock in the town?

Why not pop over to the Bus Station Lighthouse thread for the full crash course, you might even want to have your pound's worth too.