Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nimbies rule OK in Nairn?

In his editorial in this week's Nairnshire Telegraph Iain Bain, writing about the the Tornagrain "Demockery" states:

"Those that want to limit the growth of Nairn have won the day and planners run scared of them." 

Do you agree with Iain Bain? Is he a little off-beam there when you consider the massive areas around Nairn that are zoned for development in the Highland Wide Development Plan. Anyway interesting thoughts from Iain concerning Tornagrain in this week's paper. 


APTSec said...

Have not had a chance to read the paper yet.

APTSec said...

Well, there is a great deal to pick up on in the short Nairnie 28 August editorial but I'll put my two pence worth in, on limiting the growth of Nairn, first.

As a matter of fact, the consultation period on the Main Issues Report for the Inner Moray Firth Plan has not long concluded. Anyone wishing to peruse the site options for the 'Nairn District' can find the link to them on this page


Clearly, planning has noted a significant number of the proposals put forward within the town boundary as 'preferred options' so there seems to be a lot of scope for growth going forward in the IMF LDP - building on the growth in the HwLDP.

Going back to the original Highland Council press release in 2005 re the A96 Corridor...


...(as I often do in the course of confirming facts for various representations) you will note that what is now known as 'Tornagrain' (formerly 'Castle Stuart') was never meant to be a 'stand alone' option - a long list of development options /proposals is included in the same PR.

If my memory serves me correctly, as time progressed, the corridor proposals were to be seen as packaged together, in order to 'pool' the developer contributions towards the construction of major infrastructure in the Corridor.

So this was never an 'either / or' situation. The building at T will not be taking the place of development elsewhere. The plan is for it to be alongside it.

Believe me, I was called to the hearing for the HwLDP and planners do not, 'run scared'. Don’t forget, Government Reporters also have a say, and in my view, anyone who simply wants to 'limit growth' is not going to win against firm Government objectives to increase economic growth, facilitated by ensuring a 'generous' supply of land in development plans.

Graisg said...

Thanks for that APT Sec, been away for a while and without internet so delay in comments going up.