Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cabinet Secretary, Alex Neil at Nairn Town and County Hospital and the primary care centre - picture

Pictured during his recent visit, Alex Neil in the centre, with Doctor Adrian Baker on the left with NHS Highland's Nigel Small on the right.  

Alex Neil, Minister for Health and Wellbeing was shown round the facility by Dr Adrian Baker and Nigel Small, Director of Operations for South and Mid Highland.

It was explained to the Minister that the centre has integration at every level, pre-dating NHSH Highland integrating with the Highland Council, and the Minister also got the opportunity to meet staff from the health and social care teams and learn how it was working for them.

The Minister also got to hear that the average age of admission to a care home in Highland has gone up so we are looking after more people at home but recruitment of care at home workers does remain a challenge.

Mr Neil was impressed with his visit and what the centre does saying that ‘there are lessons here for the rest of the country’ and ‘it should be like this everywhere’.

And according to a health board spokesperson the lasting message from Monday’s visit? "Embrace integration, don’t be frightened of it. There is a real benefit to our service users."


Anonymous said...

Should have got him to try and make an appointment to see a GP, that would've impressed him

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