Friday, June 06, 2014

What Nairn Councillors claimed in Salary and Expenses in the last financial year 2013-14

Top of the list is Liz with £24,499.91
Her Salary is £21,923.57; Mileage £1,850.85; Accommodation £94.00; Telephone £317.12; Other expenses £314.37

In at number 2 this year is Michael with £18,361.76
His Salary is £16,395.96; Mileage £1,359.96; Other Travel £11.20; Direct Travel £26.41; Telephone £521.03; Other Expenses £47.26

Then Comes Colin with £18,128.71
His Salary is £16,395.96; Mileage £1,254.60; Other Travel £78.40; Direct Travel £26.41; Accommodation £130.00; Telephone £188.20 Other Expenses £55.14.

Lowest claim on the public purse this time round is Laurie with £17,102.31
His Salary is £16,395.96; Mileage £559.80; Direct Travel £5.30; Telephone £141.25.


Zero said...

Any jobs going?

My salary: zero hours so near impossible to work out

Mileage: zero, I pay to get to my work places

Accommodation: zero, once slept overnight in a van

Telephone: zero, but expected to have one for which I pay

Anonymous said...

You mean these folk get paid!

Anonymous said...

No gala week, no putting green attendant, no bonfire, no new year party, poor xmas display, shocking grass cutting. Virtually no kids activities during school holidays. Maybe they could donated a slice of their takings towards making Nairn a town where families want to come to not just to retire to.

Anonymous said...

Am I alone in thinking they are all lightweights and not worth the money?

Anonymous said...

overpaid the lot of them

Anonymous said...

it's clear they have a lot to say but nowt much to show for it. Local councillors hang your heads in shame you get more for your wee part time job than most get to live on.

dr-grigor said...

here here Anon @ 11.49am, we cannot go on forever relying on the beauty of our area , we also must consider our holiday makers of every age because the kids of the folk that come now are the potential visitors of years to come and if i were a teenager coming to nairn for a holiday , i certainly wouldn't be in a hurry to come back , its shocking for a so called seaside town the lack of activities/ amenities that we dont have here

dr-grigor said...

Pay me a decent wage and i will see to it that all the events we used to have e.g. home holiday week etc are revived !!!

Anonymous said...

Most folk who are visitors to Nairn come here because of the beauty of the place.

Believe it or not our beaches, open spaces and countryside are loved by many.

I suspect it's some locals who want the seaside attractions not visitors who have voted one of our beaches the best in Scotland, you can't get a better selling point.

If you want arcades and funfairs then you'll head somewhere else, and if you're a typical teenager you'll be bored with wherever your folks take you!