Monday, June 30, 2014

Museum's Nairn County Centenary exhibition - Bill Logan video from the gathering at the Legion on Sunday - plus other videos from Reunion

At the NCFC centenary reunion in the Legion on Sunday Bill Logan gave a presentation on the Museum's County Exhibition that will run throughout July and August. See video below for details Also more on the Museum website. 

Kenny MacLeod has also published his images of the event on Sunday on his flickr pages now - see them here.   Gurn pictures coming soon too.

Other videos available from the awesome, emotional and inspiring afternoon that was Sunday's Centenary Reunion are:

Nairn Speldings warm up
Nairn Speldings warm up 2
Ian Thain opens the celebrations 
Team of the Century Part 1
Donald Wilson talks about the book "The History of Nairn County"
Ian Thain MC with roaming mike
Team of the Century Part 2


brought up not dragged up ! said...

its a dam disgrace the amount of people talking very loudly when Donald was making his speech about his book,very rude indeed !!

Graisg said...

It was partly due to the fact that the hall was very, very crowded and especially the area around the bar. Folk were catching up with friends they hadn't seen for a long, long time and some couldn't see through the throng to what was going on at the other end of the hall.
Donald wasn't phased by it all. He like everyone else was caught up in the electric emotion of such an awesome one off event.