Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Less than a week before the South Nairn planning appeal hearing begins - will the Community get the upper hand?

There’s less than a week to go before the Nairn South planning appeal hearing finally gets underway. A defining moment for the future of Nairn perhaps – will the community be able to dictate the pace and style of Nairn’s expansion or will it still be the domain of out of town planners and developers to decide how Nairn grows? 

The hearing will begin next Monday 9th June in the Community and Arts Centre. The written statement of case jointly submitted by the town’s three community councils, the Nairn Residents Concern Group and Dr Joan Noble is an impressive document and runs to 24 pages. 

It and other documents from the various parties can be seen on the Scottish Government’s DPEA site (warning navigating those search pages can be a bit of an ordeal – inserting the case number PPA-270-2097 should make it a little easier). If you can’t manage to get to it though (and believe us some folk who are no strangers to keyboards have admitted defeat to us - once upon a time you used to be able to link to individual documents on that site) there is a copy of the joint CC and NRCG document here. All serious students of Nairn South and planning matters concerning Nairn may wish to browse. 

Tip for all those in a hurry – head to section 4 deficiencies there are some very, very interesting bitties there.


Anonymous said...

Reading the documents there is absolutely no way that this can be passed by HRC council. If it is passed there are bound to be huge demos. in Nairn to prevent this from going further.

Graisg said...

It was turned down by Highland Council anon (initially they did approve however) now it is up to the Scottish Government's Reporter mannie to make a decision after listening to all parties at the hearing next week.

Anonymous said...

Communities rarely get what they want when it comes to planning issues