Saturday, June 14, 2014

Nairn South planning hearing - reaction 2. Joan Noble

 Joan Noble told the Gurn: '  I am cautiously optimistic about the outcome of the hearing especially on the safety aspects. The site visit on Wednesday morning confirmed vividly exactly what the locals and their representatives have been saying about the underpass and the Waverley Road junction.  These proposals would double the traffic through this bridge when the site is already pretty
The scene on Cawdor Rd on Wednesday morning
dangerous and congested especially for pedestrians and cyclists. It is hard to see how the proposed  traffic lights would do anything other than make things worse.  Add to that the demonstrated impossibility of providing a  crossing for pedestrians at the bridge (because the bin lorries couldn't get round the corner) or at Millbank Crescent because the pavement isn't wide enough, and the 'mitigation' proposed has disappeared.'

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Anonymous said...

surely no more bloody traffic lights,all that will do is make drivers detour through queenspark onto church street