Sunday, June 15, 2014

Putting Green future debated on Social Media

There has been some conversation recently on local social media about the putting green. It was suggested that all of the flags and arrows are not always put out. All part of a general concern expressed about the state of amenities that both tourists and locals use. Obviously Nairn residents and many others with a connection with the town are concerned for the future of the putting green now that the kiosk has been put on the market. 

You can still use the putting green though and to do that you simply have to stroll along to the swimming pool. In the light of recent discussions on-line we decided to ask Highland Highlife (the arm's length organisation that run the facility for the Council) what the latest situation was. The local leisure and facilities manager, Steven Clelland, was quick to respond and this is what he told the Gurn:

"Thank you for your enquiry regarding the Putting Green at Nairn Links.  To provide clarity on the issues you raised, now that the summer season has arrived the flags for the putting green will go out at 10am and will be taken back in at 9pm Monday to Friday.  On Saturday & Sunday the flags will go out as normal at 10am but come in earlier at 5pm on a Saturday and 4pm on a Sunday.  This is due to the weekend operating hours at Nairn Leisure Centre.  Earlier on in the year the flags were taken in at 5pm each day due to the darker nights but this now changes for the Summer months.  Please be aware that the operation of the putting green is subject to the weather and the flags will not be put out if it is deemed adverse weather conditions which could damage the putting green area.  We currently advertise the putting green on the High Life Highland website and we are in the process of displaying new posters to promote the putting green in the beach display boards now that the summer season has arrived."

Nairn's putting green - open for use, why not give it a go? - rediscover or acquaint yourself with one of Nairn's traditional seaside amenities. 


dr-grigor said...

I'm sorry but that doesn't answer the question what so ever , merely an advert for the opening times of our now shambles of a putting green ! , walking past there 7 days a week I see what's going on first hand, the day I walked passed and saw visitors playing on the putting green without the flags or arrows was at 1pm , I phoned the swimming pool and asked why the flags weren't out to be told they were ! I suggested they went and had a look then ! As for the little white arrows that tell you where the next hole is have not been put out once this year ! I'm led to believe they are sitting in the kiosk for repair , if that is so then why has it taken over a year to see to that ? Are visitors who pay there money and walk over to the swimming pool supposed to guess what order to play the holes ? Stop this nonsense now re-open the kiosk ,for those that say whats the harm in walking over to the swimming pool i would reply , why should they when we have a purpose built kiosk to do that !and also if you have a troupe of kids with you, the last thing you want to do is trail them over there ! if money an issue then I know there will be plenty volunteers including myself that would love to give up a few hours to be in beautiful surroundings and provide the service they are certainly not getting now ! I am truly disgusted seeing at first hand the demise of something that has been entertaining locals and visitors alike for 100 years ! ..

Anonymous said...

Highland Highlife have a lifeguard at the paddling pool even on cloudy cold days, so why not staff the putting green too ? At least it brings in some money for the common good fund !

Anonymous said...

Putting green rates are probably the same as they were in the 1960's, 6d a round!

Anonymous said...

I walked past the putting green today and was pleased to see new flags and hole directional arrows have been put in place ! Well done the Gurn

Graisg said...

Thanks for that anon but really all credit must go to those activists on the Nairn when you were a bairn facebook page for this!